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Marvel.com Cosplay article

I have had the immense pleasure to shoot with Marvel’s own Judy Stephens quite a few times now. To put it mildly, she is a spunky, multi-colored hair having, firecracker with a camera!

So it was an honor to sit down with her for a Marvel.com cosplay interview (Click below image for the full interview).


Big thanks to Judy for taking the time out to make sense of our costumed insanity!

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Miracole Burns is best known for her vast assortment of custom designed comic/ movie costumes and practical Cosplay photography. Her years of cosplay experience gave her the tools to shift seamlessly into the world of Film and TV costuming. Her success as a Super Suit Supervisor and Specialty Costumer speaks volumes on how the passion of cosplay can change your life in amazing and unexpected ways.

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