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Lord of the Rings: Khamûl & Angmar


Something a little different from our normal theme of superhero costuming, the Nazgul kings Khamul and Angmar. Since our good friend Alex Burns was working on an original concept Sauron, we decided to join in on the fun and create our take on the Witch King and his Second in command.

When I tell you I fell down a research hole with these two, I mean Balrog and Gandalf falling thru the center of the earth, level. Blending the lore of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ books, video games and movies. There was a wealth of great design material.

My leather bodice was inspired by Barad-dûr, the dark tower that Sauron’s eye sits atop. I even finished up the ‘eye’ portion with a red tiger’s eye stone to try to emulate the flash of Sauron watching you. At the center of the bodice, I incorporated the Easterling banner, since it’s believed that’s where Khamûl is from. All the leather that I used for the armor (breastplate, cuffs, shoe armor) were practically hammered to give a hand-forged in the fire of Mordor look. The robes were made from 40 yards (each) of different silks and textured cottons, cut over 7 layers. All hand pleated, aged and painted. SO..MUCH..FABRIC! But i’m really happy with the end results of both the ‘human’ versions of our kings, and the full Nazgul version.

Angmar’s crown was made by ‘Wooden leg studio’

Photo’s by ‘The Portrait Dude’


WIP Photos


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