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Madame Hydra

DragonCon 2011 saw the debut of Madame Hydra and her Goons. This costume was an amazing design adventure for me. It was the first time that I utilized real Python skin into my leather work. Along with the boots, the python skin really added interesting texture to the overall look of the costume. This texture difference was really important to me so the whole of the costume didn’t appear all uniformly smooth and shiny. Plus, I got to dig out my trusty and very deadly whip again.

And what’s an evil Villainess without her goons?!?! I was joined by the very loyal Chris Burns and Christian Sanchez

Here are just a few shots that are begining to serface from sets with the amazing Judy Stephens (Marvel.com) and Anna Fischer

I hope to update my Cosplay Gallery gallery with a section just for Madame Hydra very soon!

In the meantime… HAIL HYDRA!!

And here is a little video of me and my whip in action!


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Part professional makeup artist, part illustrative model and comic costumer with a dash of creative flare. These are just a few things that make up Miracole Burns.
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