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Florida SuperCon schedule

I should be trying to get some sleep before heading out at midnight with Yaya, Brian and Chris for Florida SuperCon in Miami, but I am too excited to nap! 11 hour drive with no sleep. Whoo Hoo!!

So while I sit here waiting, car packed to the brim and nothing to do, I guess I can be productive.

Florida SuperCon Info

Table #- A103 ( right wall near Georges Jeanty).


My table- (A103) 2pm- 4pm

Appearing at the Lucky Streak table 5-7


My table- (A103) 11am-12:30

Cosplay Makeup panel: (1-2pm) A well put together cosplay outfit not only consists of an amazing costume, but well done makeup also. This panel will give you the tips and the tools to make your look picture-perfect! Room 900

My table-(A103) 2:30-3:30pm

Appearing at the Lucky Streak table 3:45-5:45

My table- (A103) 6-8pm

FSC Costume Contest- 8:30-10pm, Room 100A


My table- (A103) 11am-2:30pm

FX Makeup for Cosplay panel: (3-4pm) This panel introduces attendees to the complex world of Special Makeup Effects. You will learn how to professionally apply and color simple Wounds, Scars and full face prosthetics. We will also touch upon beards & hair. Room 900

Please come by and say hello of you are attending the con. I will have all sorts of neat things with me (like affordable and fun Wonder Woman cuffs/ tiaras) and I am always happy to meet new (and old) friends!  See you at the Con!

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