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Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7

I once again had the pleasure of posing for Felipe Massafera, this time as Arisia for the cover of Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7! It’s always such a neat process going from thumbnail sketch to finished cover that I thought I would share the evolution.

First, Felipe sends me a rough sketch of the approved cover. With the sketch he includes specific notes on lighting, costume, movement etc.

In this case, I don’t cosplay Arisia, so I do my best to mimic the form and lines of the costume as closely as I can. (Same thing with guns, swords and props in general.) I then set up my studio with the requested lighting and try to exactly match the thumbnail. With the help of my talented Husband, I get the pose correct from camera POV and we shoot away. Once we feel we have a few good options, we movie on to close-ups of the hands, feet and face (if needed). Since this cover is already so close, we only added a closeup on the gloved hand with the ring for detail. Then we send them all off to the artist.

*To get the movement in the wig like that thumbnail, I was holding a hairdryer in my other hand for this picture. It was quite comical to look at, but it worked which is all that matters!

Then somehow Felipe takes the images above and makes an amazingly beautiful art piece that becomes the cover below.

I first ventured into costuming because of my love of comic art. So now that I get to help produce pieces like the one above, blows my mind. I will always be eternally thankful to Felipe and the other amazing artists I have the pleasure to work with (and that always make me look so super).

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