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HeroesCon was a blast! It was my first, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got, was a total awesome time with many talented friends. And holy crap, did the costumers bring out their A-list game!

Chris and I debuted our Silver Sable and Bullseye costumes, which seamed to go over very well. They were designed to help promote Jason Pearson’s new book launch ‘Wade Wilson’s War,’ (it drops this Wendsday! Please go pick it up!). Since Chris and I provided all the reference for the limited run, we figured that we would (in collaboration with Jason) bring Silver Sable and Bullsye to life! We also had the pleasure of shooting with Lennard again, so I will post an update as soon as I start getting photo’s!

The Studio Revolver dinner proved to be entertaining. I learned that you can see this This Commercial during a softball game and a watch a table of artists spontaneously bust into laughter and hand job jokes. I also learned that you can bet Casey just about anything for free food. The man ate 6 of the hottest hot wings on the planet, all will a smile on his face (tears came later). Not to be bested, Jason did a straight shot of just the sauce, AND licked the bowl. I have some seriously crazy friends.

The Charity auction was a blast! Some of the more ‘dapper’ artists were sporting matching smoking jackets. Good Idea! Next year, we need to have a female equivalent for the ladies. What’s good for the goose…. Mark Brooks and Adam Hughes art pieces brought in a record bid of $8000 each. So many amazing pieces by so many talented artists! I personally drooled over a large and beautiful Dark Phoenix piece (I forget the artist.. I blame Vodka). I was hoping that since it was after Adam and Marks pieces, so one would have any money left.. Alas, my puny bid did not prevail.

I had to sew and velcro poor Kevin Spooner into his Hawkeye costume. But, It came out amazing against his lovely wife Jen as Mockingbird. Totally worth it!!

Big thanks to everyone that made this weekend such a success!! You know who you are (or you don’t remember because you partied hard on Saturday like the rest of us..)

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