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I’m on the cover of Amazing Spider-man #641!
I'm on the cover of Amazing Spider-man #641!

This is a BIG one I can check-off the ol’ Nerd Bucket list! I’m on the cover of Amazing Spider-man! Ok, well it’s not ME me, it’s Mary Jane.. But I posed for it! That counts? Right?!?! This Amazing Spider-man, ‘Woman of Marvel‘ cover is brought to you by the awesome John Tyler Christopher. Love […]

FX Makeup for [adult swim] & Pizza Hut
FX Makeup for [adult swim] & Pizza Hut

I was hired by Turner and [adult swim] to create a creature for a Pizza Hut commercial. It was challenging to make a monster that was believable, whom you recognized immediately (but not exact, due to copyright issues), but not too gruesome to hock pizza. I also had to recreate the ‘monsters’ exact look for […]

Brightest Day: Green Lantern- Emerald Warriors Cover
Brightest Day: Green Lantern- Emerald Warriors Cover

The first time I saw this comic at Oxford, I squealed while jumping up and down, with a heaping side of uber girly flailing.  Not one of my more composed moments. But this was the first cover piece that has gone public since we started working with the awesome Felipe Massafera; so cut me some […]


Avengers Assemble the Series is a personal project that has been in development since May of this year. This series follows the adventures of some of Earth’s mightiest heroes. They are called together to face the forces of evil, some of them are true threats, while others are just plain tedious…Or common. This series has […]

New ‘Artifacts’ covers Released
New 'Artifacts' covers Released

Issue #1 of Top Cow’s ‘Artifacts’ was released last month, but this Witchblade relaunch as already got people talking. John Tyler Christopher‘s variant cover has sold out twice, with a third printing on the way. It’s going to be a huge run for Top Cow and a very good thing for my good friend (not […]

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’
AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

We are WRAPPED with season 1 of ‘The Walking Dead’ here in Atlanta. I can honestly say, that this is the single most fun experience I have ever had on a set. But I think that any time you can say that you are a part of Greg Nicotero’s (KNB Efx Group) makeup team, it’s […]


Miracole Burns is best known for her vast assortment of custom designed comic/ movie costumes and practical Cosplay photography. Her years of cosplay experience gave her the tools to shift seamlessly into the world of Film and TV costuming. Her success as a Super Suit Supervisor and Specialty Costumer speaks volumes on how the passion of cosplay can change your life in amazing and unexpected ways.

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