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On the set of ‘X-Men: First Class’ (SPOILERS)

I first got the call to work on ‘X-Men: First Class‘ while shopping for ‘The Change Up‘ (Ryan Reynolds movie after Green Lantern). When I tell you that I squealed in the middle of Lenox mall like a 14 yea-old that just came home to find Justin Bieber in her bedroom, that would be an understatement. Below are some of my daily adventures from the crazy time on the Georgia Unit for XMFC.

11/16 – Relocated myself, the husband, 2 dogs and a fish to our apartment on St. Simon’s Island which will be our home for the next 2 months. No small task.

11/17-12/5- 2 weeks of unpacking, inventorying, and organizing all Wardrobe from England and rentals from Western Costume. Summoning superhuman strength to fully control my spontaneous Nerd seizures from the awesomeness that is these movie costumes. All while having fun answering questions like, “What is a Hell Fire Club”, ‘What are So-and-so’s powers’ etc. Yep, I am SO in my element as resident wardrobe comic nerd.

I also got to violate, I mean dress Kevin Bacon’s dummy since he was so life-like, no one else wanted to touch him (after working FX makeup on Walking Dead, this was a cake-walk).

11/6- First Day of shooting! I watch our US Supervisors 7-yr old son Hunter pass Jennifer Lawrence in full Mystique makeup on a turn table for a promotional photo-shoot. She sees him, says hi and waves. He just non-nonchalantly says ‘Hey’ and continues down the hall like this is an every-day occurrence. We exchange looks, flabbergasted by his lack of reaction. She laughingly responds, ‘Kids these days; I fully blame video games! They ruin everything!’

During lunch, I remind all our CIA extras that they are wearing vintage suits and that if they get anything on them, I will cut them.  Needles to say, no extras needed to be harmed that day.

12/17- Chris makes the drive out to Jekyll Island where we are filming the beach battle at the end of the movie, passing at-least 10 signs stating this island is a park and there is NO Gas stations! Makes it on fumes. Thankfully Transpo saves the day with some gas. Returned the favor with a nice bottle of Whiskey.

Holy shit!! I touched Kevin Bacon.. Now how many degrees does that make me?!

The beach set (beached sub, downed Black Bird and the dunes)

Chris standing in with the cast as Alex/Riptide since he wasn’t in the states yet.

Can you see why he ended up becoming his Photo Double?

The Black Bird has seen better days.

Stunt men hanging out inside the Black Bird shell trying to keep warm. This thing was HUGE!

The kids suited up for the final battle

1st AD (2nd unit) Lee Cleary standing in for Riptide. He was a trip to work with!

Teased Jason Flemming about something he was seeing in the ocean. Completely had him going that it was a piece of the X-jet wing and was set dec (it was really a rock that you can only see at low tide). When he figured out I was pulling his leg, I was promptly chased down the beach by a howling Azazel.

12/6- Seriously cold today with 15 degree windchill. Helicopter was on set, the cast/crew got buzzed quite a few times. Still finding mini-sand dunes in my clothes from that one.

Kevin’s dummy waiting for his closeup.

Sebastian Shaw defeated.. or taking a nap.. Not sure which..

12/10- Open box labeled ‘Headdress’ from England. Gasp like a little girl when I see Magneto’s ‘End-game’ helmet. Immediately put it on and run around the wardrobe room like I’m 12.

Also got in Wolverine’s principal wardrobe from ‘Origins’. Guess that settled if there was going to be a cameo or not. Promptly put on his belt and ran around like an 18 year old fangirl.

12/11- Fassbender gets bored between takes , ‘borrows’ a Gator from the grips and takes off down the beach in full Magneto attire. I don’t know why, but seeing Magneto speeding around on a 4 wheeler makes me giggle.

12/13- Currently wearing at least 5 layers of clothing. Look a bit like a terrorist Ninja. It is so cold on the beach that the sand freezes solid. *eep*

12/14- Helping an X-men pee is funny. There is NO WAY they can do it unassisted. Ah the glamorous side of being a Set Costumer. If someone told me that in 3 years I would be helping leather-clad superhero’s use the restroom, I would have had them institutionalized.  (And F.Y.I. the worst suit to get in and out of is Havok. That suit is like a puzzle!!)

12/15- Mesmerized by watching stunt Azazal and stunt Beast cuddling for warmth wile hanging from wires spinning 10 feet in the air. Even covered in paint, fur, prosthesis, leather and wardrobe, they were sill freezing.
Beast had just finished his fight scene. This was his ‘mean’ face.

12/16- My stunt Banshee was doing wing tests for the producers/director today. He was in the flight suit with this ‘full’ wings laced into the costume, propped up on the back lift of the stunt truck. He looked a-bit like a leather clad yellow and black flying squirrel. I was lacing up his shoes when a black bird came to rest on the back of the truck, then another, and another. Before we knew it, there were about 20 black birds in very close proximity to their new winged pal. I called him Banshee the bird whisperer the rest of the day.

Watched the Azazal vs Azazal fight practice. Felt like I was seeing double all day (but it might have just been the hangover from the pub the night before). After catching a glimpse of my wrist tattoos (Phoenix and Dark Phoenix symbols) Flemming called me a ‘proper nerd’ and we had a nice little discussion about ‘how’ Nightcrawler was made.

The shiny balls and Azazal’s tail for FX

12/17- Spent the day watching the beach scene where ‘Charles’ get crippled by Magneto (deflecting bullets shot at him by Moria). I am happy to say that I have the shells that cripple Charles. Another neat X-Men nerd keepsake. This scene is so intense to watch. This collection of actors couldn’t have been chosen better for this film.

Charles with Moria and Raven

12/20-Spent a cold rainy night at ‘Atomic’ casino. Home of the Hell Fire Club

12/21- Got pulled over on the way to set going 60 in a 35. Thank goodness the cop was cool, I got off with a warning. One of our actors was 2 hours late to set. Our director left that actor dangling over the beach set on wire’s until he learned his lesson.

Note to self, don’t be late to set.. Even if I do get a ticket getting there.

12/22- The last day of principal photography in Georgia happened to be on my Birthday, what a present!! Everyone kicked butt and the day was amazing. I was even gifted a piece of the Black Bird as a Birthday present. It now sits on a special shelf in my nerd-cave. This film was such a blast to work on! I only hope it’s not the last epic superhero movie I have the pleasure to work on.

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